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Asian dairy packaging sector to see strong future growth

Asian dairy packaging sector to see strong future growth, Euromonitor International, Tetra Pak, Asia packaging, China
The global food packaging sector is seeing growth fuelled by dairy packaging, which in turn is being driven by an increase in demand from Asia and Latin America.

In 2013, dairy was the largest unit volume growth category for packaging with a sales volume of 465 billion units, and according to Euromonitor International, the dairy sector is predicted to see a “rapid increase” in liquid carton and rigid packaging by 2017, particularly plastic containers for yoghurt and brick liquid cartons for flavoured milk drinks.

Between 2008-2013, dairy packaging in Asia Pacific increased by 7% CAGR, and over 2013-2018, this is expected to further grow by 6% CAGR compared to 1% CAGR in North America.

“There are several reasons behind this increase in demand for dairy and its packaging in Asia,” said Karine Dussimon, senior packaging analyst, Euromonitor.

In China, for example, she explained, “Government programs are aiming to introduce milk into schools as a product with a healthy perception for children consumption.

“This has benefited liquid cartons, with Tetra Pak taking part in the implementation of these programs and we expect liquid carton demand in China in the dairy category to grow by 7% CAGR 2013-2018.”

Besides milk beverages, Dussimon also noted the popularity of yoghurt products: “Yoghurt categories have also benefited from this image of dairy products being largely healthy in this region, propelling thin wall plastic containers for spoonable varieties and HDPE bottles for drinking yoghurt.”


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