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Insight Packaging Japan Tour lifts the lid on Japanese packaging

TOKYO - To provide a unique insight into Japan's US$77 billion packaging industry, the TOKYO PACK 2014 management is offering a one-day orientation program designed to help foreign visitors gain the maximum benefit from their visit to TOKYO PACK.


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Now in its second edition, Packaging Insight Japan Tour is a collaboration between TOKYO PACK exhibition owner-operator, the Japanese packaging industry association Japan Packaging Institute (JPI), and EP Resources Pte Ltd, Singapore, to present a full-day programme on Monday, 6 October 2014 - the day before the show opens.
Running from 7-10 October, TOKYO PACK 2014 has attracted more than 600 Japanese and international packaging companies in 2,500 booths across the 51,380 square metre exhibition space at Tokyo Big Sight.
"Packaging in Japan is a fine balance between aesthetics, marketing and advanced technology, much of which is not immediately obvious to the first time visitor," said Mr. Yoichi Sonoyama, Deputy Secretary General of JPI and Secretary General of the TOKYO PACK Secretariat. "Through this orientation programme, we hope to increase our foreign guests' understanding of the Japanese packaging market, strengthening the bridge between our industry and the global industry."
According to Stuart Hoggard, CEO of Singapore-based EP Resources, "There is a frequent perception of Japanese packaging as being technologically elaborate to the point of being over-engineered. Certainly packaging in Japan is elaborate, but the common Japanese consumer view is that 'if the packaging is not 100% perfect, how can I trust that the product inside is also not perfect'.
"With this mind-set, Japanese converters and brand owners go beyond the basic functionality and seek to use packaging to delight, or surprise consumers," explained Hoggard. "This unique programme will help foreign companies get under the hood of Japanese packaging, understand its drivers and build a network of manufacturers and buyers that has traditionally been inaccessible due to language differences."
The Packaging Insight Japan Tour programme has been designed in two-parts: a morning orientation seminar and afternoon retail tour to see the commercialisation of these ideas.

Morning Packaging Orientation Seminar

Packaging Insight Japan2014-frontClick to find out moreThe morning's orientation seminar will provide a unique background to the packaging formats, materials and technologies that will be on show at the TOKYO PACK 2014 exhibition.
In addition to presenting the Japanese packaging market data, production and trade statistics, the session will introduce consumer trends and buying patterns in Japan today, as well as discuss the retail formats. Participants will learn the key concerns and requirements of the Japanese consumer, and the factors that influence the purchase decision.
Participants will also understand the laws that industry players have to comply with in order to do business in Japan and the impact of Packaging Environmental legislation on Japanese packaging design and formats.
Experts from Japan Packaging Institute (JPI) will provide a pre-show orientation to the new advanced packaging materials, formats and technologies that will be on display at the TOKYO PACK 2014 exhibition.

Guided Retail Tour of Tokyo

After a typical Japanese bento lunch, participants will be taken on a guided tour of key retail formats in Tokyo to discover how Japan's packaging industry commercialises its packaging technology for the consumer.
With its emphasis on 'share of eye', shopping in Japan is very a different retail experience than in the West: With elegant product displays and close attention to detail, packaging - structural and graphic - design play a pertinent role in selling the packaged product.

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Visits to a hypermarket and high-end supermarket/department store will demonstrate the contrast between different levels of Japanese retail and consumer sectors, and the vast range packaging formats and technology commercially available to meet varied consumer needs.
JPI guides will be on-hand to help participants, answer questions and point out technologies unique to the Japanese market.

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