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China to remain top grocery market in 2020

China to remain top grocery market in 2020, Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), Asia packaging, China packaging, India packaging
ASIA – The largest grocery market globally is expected to continue to be China, with grocery sales in the Mainland set to grow by a third between now and 2020 and reach US$1.5 trillion per year.

According to new forecasts from the UK-based food and grocery research and training charity, Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), China will comfortably retain its position as the largest grocery market although others will grow faster.

Of the forecasted top 15 grocery markets in the world in 2020, five are in Asia; besides China in number one position, India is expected to be the 3rd largest market at US$901 billion, while Japan places 6th at US$485 billion, Indonesia 8th at US$351 billion, and the Philippines in 15th position at US$160 billion.

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