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Growing the dairy market through product innovation and versatile packaging

Growing the dairy market through product innovation and versatile packaging, Tetra Pak, Asia packaging, South Korea, dairy packaging aseptic packaging
In a world where consumers are increasingly focused on health and wellness, milk is as relevant today as it ever was, and the key to energising dairy in all markets is to effectively communicate to consumers its nutritional value and versatility, while also ensuring dairy products are adapted to their need for convenient on-the-go consumption.

For both developed regions and developing regions such as Asia alike, consumers still have an “overwhelmingly positive” view of milk, said Dennis Jonsson, President and CEO of Tetra Pak: “Developing markets are eagerly embracing dairy products, helping drive global demand to record highs.”

In a new international study recently released by Tetra Pak, titled Tetra Pak Dairy Index Report 2015, three key trends were identified…. The full story is available in the latest August 2015 issue of Packaging Business Insight Asia here.



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