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Heinz to use Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle for its ketchup bottles

Heinz to use Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle for its ketchup bottles, The Coca-Cola Company (TCC), H.J. Heinz Company, packaging, Asia
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The Coca-Cola Company (TCC) and H.J. Heinz Company have announced a strategic partnership that enables Heinz to produce its ketchup bottles using TCC’s 100% recyclable PlantBottle packaging, which is made partially from plants.

Although the PlantBottle packaging looks, feels and functions like PET plastic, up to 30% of the material is made from sugarcane ethanol from Brazil. This plant material is produced through an innovative process that turns natural sugars found in plants into a key component for PET plastic.

TCC first launched PlantBottle in 2009 on brands that include Coke, Sprite, Fresca, iLOHAS, Sokenbicha and DASANI water. The global beverage giant claims to have eliminated the equivalent of almost 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or about 60,000 barrels of oil by using PlantBottle in 2010 alone.Heinz to use Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle for its ketchup bottles, The Coca-Cola Company (TCC), H.J. Heinz Company, packaging, Asia

Heinz plans to convert to PlantBottle globally, beginning with its 20-ounce variety of Heinz Ketchup, which will be available on retail shelves in June. As part of its campaign to create awareness, the new packaging will come with “talking labels” asking, “Guess what my bottle is made of?” as well as have a special logo and on-pack messages.

Switching to the 100% recyclable PlantBottle is another important step in Heinz’s global sustainability initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste, water consumption and energy usage at least 20% by 2015, says the brand owner. Its adoption of this sustainable technology will be the biggest change to its iconic ketchup bottles since they first introduced plastic in 1983.

This 2011, Heinz will introduce 120 million PlantBottle packages in total and TCC will use more than 5 billion during the same time.

TCC currently uses the packaging in nine markets including Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the United States. It plans to expand to over a dozen new markets in 2011, and transition all of its plastic packaging to PlantBottle packaging by 2020.


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