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Bioplastics Focus in Packaging Business Insight Asia - May 2016

NatureWorks’ CEO Marc VerbruggenIn the May issue NINE page Bioplastic Focus: Reports from NatureWorks’ conference Innovation Takes Root, Orlando Fla – it wasn’t all sugar & spice when Nestle fired a few well targeted shots.

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The monthly subscriber based newsletter for the packaging value chain in Asia, Packaging Business Insight Asia, attended Natureworks Innovation Takes Root 2016 in Orlando, Fla and reports in-depth in this special 9-page report.


“Bioplastics have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on non-renewable energy use. But when we look at agricultural production - fertiliser use, pesticides’ impact on animals and water use - mostly bioplastics consume more GHG in those categories” - Nestle

Exclusive Interview with
NatureWorks’ CEO Marc Verbruggen on Oil & Corn prices and the competitive edge for PLA

“The sugar to polymer conversion yield is 1.25 kg of sugar to 1 kg of PLA polymer, which ultimately determines how cost competitive we can be. Our PLA yield of 1.25 is very important; PLA can still compete against the polystyrenes of this world when oil is $30-40 a barrel.
“Our world should not just be PLA the polymer but from our lactides, our monomer

Plus, Prospects for Bioplastics in Asia


Building a Circular IKEA – the IWAY

Sustainability developer Per Stoltz explains how they’re
doing it one lightbulb at a time:

“We have to think about how we build up our supply chain, and how we can get secondary raw materials into our normal supply chain.
“We also need to think about how we design our products, and how we can work with our customers in this re-invention.”
• In2015 Ikea converted to selling only LED bulbs in stores
• BY mid 2016, IKEA plans to reduce packaging waste in customers’ homes by 10%
• BY mid 2020, IKEA has a target to source:
• 100% of its wood, paper and cardboard from sustainable sources,
• 30% of the wood used by the IKEA Industry Group must be recycled
• All plastic material used in IKEA’s home furnishing products must be 100% recycled plastic or bioplastic content

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AND our regular business news and information in this 40 page issue:-
PBIA May final 7 sAll the business news from the Asia Pacific: M&A, Expansion & Growth, Brand & Retail and Sustainability Developments from the Asia Pacific region.

  • Malaysia’s F&N invests $70 million in new Aseptic PET & UHT facilities
  • Thailand:A booming packaging sector: SCG sees 43% Q1 profit surge
  • Thailand’s Central retail group to spend $1.1 billion in Vietnam supermarket chain
  • Vietnam backlash at foreign dominance of retail and plastic packaging sector
  • Japan: JTI to abandon RTD coffee market / Can makers Toyo Seikan & Hokkan plan merger as market dwindles
  • India: KFC to replace plastic packaging with edible Rice Bowlz/ Mondelez opens $190 million Indian chocolate factory
  • Market Data: Bio PP market size to exceed US$40 million by 2022/ Asia Pacific leads the anti-microbial packaging market
  • Environment: China’s environmental protection bill rose by 13.9% to US$42.7 billion/ Malaysian oil palm giant sues eco-group for lost sustainability certification


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