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Compostable packaging helps coffee brand with market expansion

Compostable packaging helps coffee brand with market expansion, Innovia Films, NatureFlex, Bird & Wild, Convex Plastics
UK –
NatureFlex certified renewable and compostable films from Innovia Films are helping a Dorset based organic coffee company expand their distribution.

Bird & Wild produce certified Bird Friendly coffees, which mean they have been grown in a way that protects important migratory bird habitats in equatorial coffee growing regions. 

To enhance their environmental credentials they chose Econic packaging developed by New Zealand converter, Convex Plastics.  The pack is a triplex laminate of reverse printed clear NatureFlex / High-Barrier Metallised NatureFlex and a Starch based biopolymer.  This structure ensures that the delicate flavor and freshness of Bird & Wild’s unique coffees are locked in.

Emma Broomhead and Ben Roberts, who run the company, say, “Econic® packaging is an ideal fit with our brand and the packaging is helping us expand our UK distribution into health food stores, delicatessens and farm stores whose owners and customers are increasingly demanding more eco-friendly options.  Planet Organic is one such supermarket who has chosen to stock our coffee.  

Compostable packaging helps coffee brand with market expansion, Innovia Films, NatureFlex, Bird & Wild, Convex Plastics“Using compostable packaging is important for us as it fits the ethos of our brand.”

NatureFlex films are certified to meet the American ASTM D6400, European EN13432 and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging.  They are made from wood which is sourced from managed plantations operating on good forestry principals.  They also offer a host of advantages for packing and converting such as high seal strength and integrity, excellent gas, aroma & UV light barrier, grease and chemical resistance, dead fold and anti-static properties, enhanced printing and conversion.

“The NatureFlex films have allowed us to develop high barrier compostable packaging that provides the same level of functionality as traditional fossil fuel-based films,” says Convex Plastics Managing Director Owen Embling. “Econic packaging is ideal for a wide range of dry foods, including coffee, cereals and snack bars."

Neil Banerjee, Innovia Films’ Market Manager, Coffee, adds, “Our NatureFlex films are increasingly being used in bio-laminate packaging constructions such as these to provide the necessary barrier.”

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