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Best in class packaging weight reduction for 660ml beer bottle

Best in class packaging weight reduction for 660ml beer bottle, Innis & Gunn’s, Ardagh Group, Asia packaging, Scotland
Innis & Gunn’s Original and Rum Finish beers are now available in a new lighter weight 660ml bottle, which considerably lessen the Scottish brewer’s environmental impact.

In keeping with its record of continuous innovation, Innis & Gunn set Luxembourg-based Ardagh Group the task of producing the lightest weight bottle in its class at 360g, which will sit alongside a newly light weighted 330ml bottle.

Ardagh’s product design team applied its advanced computer simulation technology including finite element analysis (FEA) and prototype modelling to develop the new bottle.

Moving to lower weight glass bottles will considerably lessen the brewer’s environmental impact. The combined weight reduction – the 330ml bottle now weighs 195g, down from the current 245g – will represent a saving of 2,000 metric tonnes of CO2 over the next three years.




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