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Tetra Pak launches new cap made from sugar cane

Tetra Pak launches new cap made from sugar cane, Tetra Pak, TINE, packaging, Asia
Tetra Pak recently launched a high density polyethylene (HDPE) cap made from sugar cane, LightCap 30, globally.

The renewable polyethylene used in LightCap 30 starts out as sugar cane which is crushed and the juice fermented and distilled to produce ethanol. Through a process of dehydration, ethanol is converted into ethylene, which is then polymerised to produce the polyethylene used to manufacture the cap.

“The development of the bio-based LightCap 30 is another important step towards our goal of producing a 100% renewable packaging solution,” said Erik Steijger, Product Manager Environmental Innovation, Tetra Pak. “This launch demonstrates our continued commitment to environmental innovation and providing customers, retailers and consumers with the highest level of environmental performance for their packaging.”

Norwegian dairy company TINE is the first brand in Europe to use these bio-based caps, packaging its Piano vanilla sauce, TINE iced coffee, iced tea and chocolate milk in the Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge with bio-based LightCap 30.

“As one of Norway’s largest users of packaging, it is important that we use our resources optimally and prioritise sustainability. This is a business imperative for us. Tetra Pak’s TBA Edge, which is made from about 75% renewable resources, now comes with bio-based cap, offering us the opportunity to further enhance the environmental profile of our products”, said Björn Malm, Sustainability Manager, at TINE.


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