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Braskem launches new line of green LDPE plastic

Braskem launches new line of green LDPE plastic, Braskem, packaging, Asia, Brazil
Braskem has expanded its portfolio of renewable products with the launch of its new line of green low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for packaging and packaging films.

The Brazilian company has already been producing an industrial scale high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) made from renewable feedstock since September 2010. A thermoplastic resin made from sugarcane ethanol, the product has properties identical to those of traditional polyethylene and, since it is derived from renewable materials, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as the sugarcane grows.

To ensure the production feasibility of the new line, investments were made in interconnecting plants and certain pieces of equipment in order to make possible the production of green LDPE from renewable raw materials.

The company says that two technology options can be used to ensure the production of a portfolio of resins with varying characteristics that allows for meeting a wider range of applications.

According to Braskem, annual production of the new resin will amount to approximately 30 kton and the product will be made available in the market starting in January 2014.

"Braskem constantly monitors the market and seeks new solutions for its clients," said Luciano Guidolin, vice-president of the Polyolefins and Renewables unit, Braskem. “We believe low-density green polyethylene will meet the growing demand for materials made from renewable resources by enabling other applications in addition to the ones already available through current portfolio of Green Plastic.

With this production capacity, we will be ready to meet a portion of the global demand for this resin," he added.



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