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'Compressed' sustainable deodorant aerosol

'Compressed' sustainable deodorant aerosol, Unilever, packaging, Asia, brand owner
UK –
Unilever has introduced a new ‘compressed’ aerosol that it hopes will revolutionise the deodorant aisle and make it more sustainable.

The new deodorants require less propellant to deliver each spray, allowing the can to be reduced in size resulting in a 25% carbon footprint average reduction per can.

In addition, the new-look cans use on average 25% less aluminium and, due to the smaller size, more can be transported at once, resulting in a 35% reduction in the number of lorries on the road.

According to Unilever, this is the first major packaging reduction initiative for aerosol deodorants since they were introduced in the late 1960s.

Amanda Sourry, Chairman, Unilever UK & Ireland, said, "Compressed aerosols provide consumers with a product that lasts just as long as the previous one, and is more sustainable. We are confident that this represents the beginning of a revolution in deodorants, as people come to see the benefits of this new packaging."

The cans were launched in stores in the female deodorant aisle in UK and Ireland earlier this month, with the 150ml versions of Sure, Dove and Vaseline Intensive Care being reduced to just 75ml.

In a product category where 80% of UK and Ireland consumers prefer aerosols to roll on or sticks, and some 19 million cans of female aerosol deodorant are used per year in the UK, this means an immediate 24 fewer tonnes of aluminium and a resultant 283 tonnes reduction in carbon used every year for Unilever brands alone.


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