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Ball uses recycled aluminium to produce aerosol packaging

Ball uses recycled aluminium to produce aerosol packaging, Ball Corporation, packaging, Asia, US
US -
Ball Corporation has announced a metal technology breakthrough that enables the use of recycled aluminum in the manufacture of extruded aluminum packaging for aerosols.

The resulting new metal alloy exhibits increased strength and allows lightweighting of the container without affecting package integrity.

In addition, Ball's new technology will allow the company to lightweight its extruded aluminum aerosol packaging by as much as 10%, with further lightweighting expected in the future.

Ball uses recycled aluminium to produce aerosol packaging, Ball Corporation, packaging, Asia, USCurrently, almost all extruded aluminum aerosol packaging is made from virgin aluminum "slugs" which are impact extruded to produce the packages.

"Our ReAl(TM) brand slugs will improve the carbon footprint of increasingly popular extruded aluminum packaging by enabling us to reduce the amount of metal in the package and further enhance the environmental performance of our company," said Raymond J. Seabrook, Ball's chief operating officer, global packaging.

"This breakthrough comes after months of collaboration between our global metal technology experts and innovation teams, and brings additional value to the supply chain by adding recycled aluminum from our beverage can plants into our slug manufacturing processes and by lightweighting our extruded aluminum packaging. We are excited to bring this new solution to our customers around the world in the coming months."

Ball will use aluminum recycled from Ball's global beverage can operations to produce the company's new slugs, starting initially in Europe. The company has also applied for patents on its ReAl packaging.

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