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Airless pack goes eco-friendly

Airless pack goes eco-friendly, Yoowoo, Quadpack, packaging, Asia
Cosmetic packaging manufacturer Yoowoo has introduced a new eco-friendly 100ml airless pack – Paper Blow – that the company claims adheres to the four ‘R’s: refill, reuse, reduce, recycle.

Available exclusively from international packaging provider Quadpack, the refillable Paper Blow features an overcap and outer bottle made of recycled PCR cardboard that are fitted around a tube-like PE pouch attached to a 0.50cc airless pump with a ring neck for easy filling.

This mechanism is blow inserted into the cardboard bottle using surface friction for an extra-tight fit. With the PCR outer sheath, no secondary packaging is necessary, reducing materials usage and costAirless pack goes eco-friendly, Yoowoo, Quadpack, packaging, Asia.

The pump system functions in the same way as an airless tube – the PE pouch collapses in on itself as the formula is used up, preventing air re-entry.

Paper Blow offers excellent decoration options for stunning results. Offset printing of up to eight colours can be done using thin paper, which can be laminated before being labelled onto the outer bottle and cap.

Based in Incheon, South Korea, Yoowoo Co Ltd is a specialized cosmetic packaging company established in 1983 as an alliance of the Korean Economic Development Board and the Ministry of Manpower.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Span, Quadpack supplies packaging solutions to the European and Asian cosmetics and beauty markets through its wholly owned network of offices in eight countries, supported by its sourcing operation in Shanghai, China.


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