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PaperFoam debuts first egg box produced from starch

PaperFoam debuts first egg box produced from starch, Paperfoam, Rondeel, packaging, Asia
Packaging converter PaperFoam has launched what it claims to be the first egg box globally manufactured from a 100% bio-based material.

Developed in partnership with Rondeel - a unique housing system for laying hens, which produces the consumer product "The Rondeel Eggs", the new egg box is fully recyclable. It can be recycled into paper or can be composted.

In addition, PaperFoam says the lighweight egg box has ultra low carbon footprint as compared to other traditional packaging types.

This egg box is a major step forwards for PaperFoam production technology in the food industry.

PaperFoam, specialized in packaging, is a private limited company that was established in 1998 in Barneveld, the Netherlands. The vision of the founders was to make products using starch as an important ingredient. Once the injection molding technology was fine-tuned, the first commercial products came on line.PaperFoam debuts first egg box produced from starch, Paperfoam, Rondeel, packaging, Asia

License partners provide worldwide production and availability and the possibility for further expansion. By 2004, more than 150 million PaperFoam trays were being produced for dozens of customers. In close collaboration with the customer, a custom-made solution is designed and molded.

In 2006, PaperFoam launched a second line. In addition to the specialty packaging solutions there is now a mainstream line. These are standard product solutions, produced to stock and sold in high volumes. The first mainstream products are the CD and DVD trays.


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