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Amcor launches eco-friendly packaging for coffee market

Amcor launches eco-friendly packaging for coffee market, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas (AFEA), packaging, Asia, Europe
Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas (AFEA) has launched what it claims is an "innovative breakthrough" packaging for the coffee market – a coffee pouch made from laminate produced from renewable materials.

Converterd in partnership with Belgian company Beyers Coffee, AFEA produced the coffee pouch using its own developed NaturePles Renewable – a three-play laminate from renewably sourced materials.

According to AFEA, the NaturePlus Renewable coffee pouch has strong barrier properties and seal integrity that helps retain the aroma and the freshness of the coffee. It also features a "dead fold" to help prolong the shelf life of the coffee once the pouch is opened.Amcor launches eco-friendly packaging for coffee market, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas (AFEA), packaging, Asia, Europe

Moreover, the outer paper layer of the laminate packaging creates that natural look and feeling of warmth for the consumers.

The coffee packaging contains 58% carbon based on the ASTM D6866 method to test carbon-neutral CO2 emissions.

The renewable carbon test is a standard analytical method used to determine the bio-based (carbon) content of solid, liquid and gaseous samples. The test aims to satisfy federal rules that require federal agencies to give preference to manufacturers using a larger percentage of biomass in products.

The new coffee pouch is a new addition to Amcor's NaturePlus product line, which includes renewable,

compostable and recyclable products suitable for a wide range of applications including fresh produce and frozen foods to snacks, confectionery and bakery.

AFEA Sustainability Manager Peter Ettridge said he was "thrilled" by the positive responses the new product has generated, as the film functioned like conventional packaging.

Ettridge added that it is one of the main thrusts of Amcor to deliver product innovations that would have a positive impact to the environment stressing that the company aims to "utilize our expertise as a global packaging leader to make a positive contribution to society”.


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