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M&S Essential Extracts go for PCR bottles

M&S Essential Extracts go for PCR bottles, Mark & Spencer, packaging, Asia, UK
UK –
As part of its ethical and environmental strategy, the 300ml PET bottle for Marks & Spencer’s Essential Extracts personal care range incorporates 30% post consumer recycled (PCR) material.

Produced by RPC Containers Llantrisant, the bottles maintain an excellent translucent clarity which enables the products to be clearly visible, contributing to a high impact on-shelf presence.

As part of Marks & Spencer’s Plan A, its ethical and environmental plan, the retailer is committed to increasing the amount of packaging made from more sustainable raw materials such as recycled plastics.

The 30% PCR content is the optimum amount of material that can be incorporated into the bottles M&S Essential Extracts go for PCR bottles, Mark & Spencer, packaging, Asia, UKwhilst ensuring they continue to deliver a high quality performance.

Andrew Speck, Packaging Buyer at Marks & Spencer, said: “The right design and packaging is a key part for any personal care brand but it’s equally important for us at M&S to ensure that we can lessen the environmental impact of our packaging wherever possible in line with our Plan A commitments.

“The 30% PCR bottles from RPC Llantrisant meet these two key objectives, enhancing our beauty products while reducing the overall carbon footprint of the pack. They are well suited for this range of natural ingredients products.”

“The M&S Essential Extracts bottles are a further development of our capabilities in the use of PCR materials, widening its potential into new market sectors,” commented Bryan Glasper, General Manager, RPC Llantrisant.

“Our technical development work is continuing to enable us to increase the percentage of PCR in our bottle ranges in the future, where it is deemed appropriate.”

The M&S Essential Extracts range offers products such as handwash and hand & body lotion.


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