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Toppan develops biomass packaging film

Toppan develops biomass packaging film, Toppan Printing Co Ltd, packaging, Asia, Japan
Toppan Printing Co Ltd has developed Japan’s first film for use in packaging materials that uses biomass polyethylene (PE).

This new product is a film that partially uses a raw material derived from sugarcane and has a biomass ratio of up to 40% (ratio by weight). While using a raw material derived from plants, the film retains the same performance as existing films in terms of properties such as shock resistance and ease of tearing.

This product achieves a reduction in the use of oil by replacing oil-based linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) with a film that partially uses LLDPE derived from sugar cane.

For example, in the case of a standing refill pouch that uses the new film, by replacing part of the oil-based LLDPE that accounts for around 75% of the total material with LLDPE derived from sugar cane, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions during incineration by up to 40%.

Toppan says that because biomass plastic is a renewable resource that uses plant-based raw materials, its usage can “contribute to the creation of a sustainable society as it enables a reduction in the use of fossil resources”.

The film retains the same properties and suitability for processing as existing PE film and is ideal for packaging for everyday items such as shampoo and food products such as seasonings.

“Polyethylene is a material that is the base for many types of flexible packaging. With the development of this biomass polyethylene film, it has become possible for the first time in Japan to provide biomass packaging materials in all areas of flexible packaging,” Toppan said in a press statement

Toppan Printing is targeting sales of 12 billion yen in fiscal 2015 for its biomass plastic product business as a whole.

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