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Sugar cane-based plastic cap for Nestlé milk brands

Sugar cane-based plastic cap for Nestlé milk brands, Nestlé, Tetra Pak, Braskem, packaging
Nestlé has launched two of its popular Brazilian milk brands in a package with a polyethylene (PE) cap using a renewable sugar cane-based raw material.

A collaboration between Nestlé Brazil, Tetra Pak and Brazil’s largest petrochemical company Braskem, UHT milk for Ninho, Ninho Levinho, Ninho Low Lactose and Molico brands will be packed in Tetra Brik Aseptic packages using caps produced with Green PE starting from this month.

The Green PE developed by Braskem is made out of sugar cane derivatives, which are polymerized in plastics for cap production. The process contributes to the global reduction of greenhouse gases since sugar cane, a renewable resource, absorbs CO² from the atmosphere.

The launch represents a landmark in the use of polyethylene made out of 100% renewable raw materials in the food and beverage packaging industry. By using the new cap, Nestlé says it is encouraging environmental awareness, providing consumers with a product that makes use of renewable sources for manufacturing its Sugar cane-based plastic cap for Nestlé milk brands, Nestlé, Tetra Pak, Braskem, packagingpackages.

For Nestlé, this new packaging development also bears testimony to the benefits of its global social responsibility platform – ‘Creating Shared Value’ – where the food and beverage giant works with institutes, business foundations, governments, NGOs and private companies such as Tetra Pak and Braskem to generate value not only to its shareholders but also the community it is in.

“This is an innovating initiative that adds further value to our products,” said Ivan Zurita, President of Nestlé Brazil. “Our participation in this project is fully aligned with Nestlé’s global social responsibility platform, “Creating Shared Value.”

“We are very proud to take part on that initiative alongside with companies that are global leaders in their segments. Braskem is fully involved in the commitment to promoting sustainability", said Carlos Fadigas, Braskem President.

Tetra Pak believes this demonstrates its commitment towards sustainability. “The use of polyethylene made out of a renewable raw material is another important step towards our goal of achieving 100% renewable packaging,” said Tetra Pak Brazil President Paulo Nigro.


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