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Reusable glass water bottle with lowest carbon footprint

Reusable glass water bottle with lowest carbon footprint, BottlesUp, packaging, Asia, US
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BottlesUp is introducing what it says is the first reusable glass water bottle that blends the artistic beauty of glass with the environmental responsibility of all-natural, recycled materials.

This sturdy 22-ounce glass water bottle is 100% sourced in North America and created from recycled glass  (up to 75% recycled and sourced on-site) using ancient techniques in a modern glass-making facility in Mexico.

The bottles are enhanced by food-grade silicone caps and grippers made in Maine. Designed with the human hand in mind – the midsection taper and silicon rings provide “gription” allowing an easy, comfortable grasp of the bottle. The heavier design of BottlesUp glass water bottle ensures it can handle the everyday tumble. For convenience, the bottle easily fits into most car cup holders.Reusable glass water bottle with lowest carbon footprint, BottlesUp, packaging, Asia, US

Laurel Herter, an architectural art glass designer who developed the bottle and founded the company BottlesUp in 2009, said, “We’ve been able to capture the beauty of glass and highlight its spectacular qualities in a reusable bottle.”

She believes that glass is the purest and healthiest material to use for beverages: “The distinctive qualities of the glass go beyond the bottle – it’s better for the environment and for our own health. Our launch allows us to share a unique glass bottle with retailers seeking to sell an everyday item that blends art, functionality and environmental responsibility.”

BottlesUp’s bottles are free of known toxins including Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and polycarbonates that research has shown can compromise human health.

Every BottlesUp glass water bottle is delivered in environmentally responsible and minimal packaging that can easily be recycled. There is no plastic in the product or the packaging, a commitment to both health and the environment that the company takes seriously. BottlesUp claims its dedication to creating a truly green product results in BottlesUp glass water bottle having the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.


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