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Environmental News

Environmental News

Tianjin GreenBio signs PHA supply and distribution deals with US company

biodegradable film
Chinese biomaterials company Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co Ltd has confirmed an agreement supplying PHA biopolymers to US’s Metabolix Inc.

In addition, Tianjin GreenBio is expanding its sales markets by appointing Metabolix as exclusive distributor in the Americas, as well as one of its distributors in Europe.

APP pledges to stop deforestation immediately

app plantation jambi
After many years of criticism by environmental groups and losing supply contracts with major MNCs, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has now pledged to cease all deforestation activities.

The paper giant released a new Forest Protection Policy on 5 February in which it states that from 1 February 2013 it will immediately suspend all natural forest clearance - including that done by suppliers. HCVF and HCS policies will be applied immediately to any further expansion or development of APP’s business.

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