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Brand owner launches NZ’s first recycling program for yoghurt pouches

Brand owner launches NZ’s first recycling program for yoghurt pouches, Fonterra, TerraCycle, Asia packaging, New Zealand
Fonterra has partnered with recycling company TerraCycle to launch the first recycling program for yoghurt pouches in New Zealand.

The Fonterra Pouch Brigade scheme by Fonterra Brands New Zealand (FBNZ) enables New Zealanders to collect yoghurt pouches and send them to TerraCycle, at no cost, where they will be upcycled into children’s pencil cases, or recycled into new products such as chairs and park benches.

According to Fonterra Environmental Manager Nic Bishop, during the preparation phase for the launch of its kid’s yoghurt Anchor Uno in a pouch format, the dairy giant realised there was no way for consumers to recycle the packaging.

“We know that pouches are hugely popular with kids. But we also know that Kiwis care about their environment and want to recycle their packaging waste,” said Bishop.

“That’s why we have partnered with Terracycle to provide a recycling solution for all yoghurt pouches – that’s Anchor Uno pouches or any other yoghurt pouch. This programme also builds on the Anchor Recycling Moo-vement, which is where we develop recycled product ideas and community partnerships.”

To implement this recycling scheme, TerraCycle has worked with FBNZ to provide all of the resources needed to collect, ship and recycle, whether this is DIY collection bins, posters or signage to be used in homes, schools, community centres, etc.

Consumers can register with TerraCycle online to participate as collectors. Once the minimum 2kg shipment volume has been collected, consumers go online and request for a pre-paid shipping label from the recycling company which will then email it to them, to send the waste yoghurt pouches for free to TerraCycle.

“The Fonterra Pouch Brigades are a fun and free way for New Zealanders to get involved in recycling,” TerraCycle New Zealand General Manager Anna Minns said.

“For every 1kg of pouches we receive, we’ll give 100 TerraCycle points (NZ$1) to a local community group, school, or a charity of the collector’s choice.”

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