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P&G sets new sustainability goals for product packaging

P&G sets new sustainability goals for product packaging, Procter & Gamble, P&G, brand owner, FMCG
Procter & Gamble (P&G) has announced new sustainability goals for 2020, with an emphasis on product packaging.

According to the global brand owner, it is on track to reduce packaging by 20% per unit of production by 2020. Given this progress, P&G says it is raising its targets.

“We continue to improve the environmental sustainability of our products across all aspects of their life cycle – from manufacturing, packaging and delivery through consumer use,” said Martin Riant, P&G Executive Sponsor of Sustainability and Group President, Global Baby and Feminine & Family Care. “We are reducing the environmental footprint of our products for shoppers, our communities and the Company while still delivering the quality and performance people expect from P&G products.”

P&G says it aims to:

  • Double the use of recycled resin in plastic packaging,
  • Ensure 90% of its product packaging is recyclable or that programs are in place to create the ability to recycle it.

In addition to these two expanded goals, P&G is working across its supply chain to develop the capability by 2020 to replace top petroleum-derived raw materials with renewable materials, as cost and scale permit.

“We’re committed to grow P&G’s business responsibly,” Riant said. “We want to create industry-leading value for consumers and shareholders while conserving resources, protecting the environment, and improving quality of life for those who need it most. P&G’s growth objectives and sustainability goals are mutually interdependent.”


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