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Five Chinese city districts implement organic waste diversion programs

Five Chinese city districts implement organic waste diversion programs, Cardia Bioplastics Limited, Asia packaging, China, sustainable packaging
The Qixia District Council in Nanjing City is in the final stages of validating its organic waste diversion program, and has ordered 500,000 compostable waste management bags as part of its initiative.

A total of 65% of all households in the Qixia District of 400,000-population will be participating in the program – the fifth such council-driven organic waste diversion program in China so far.

Qixia is ordering Cardia Bioplastics Limited’s Biohybrid bags  - which is manufactured using less oil and has a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics - for its project, and the Australian company says annual orders for this are forecast to reach US$400,000.

In Nanjing, Qixia Council is the second District Council following Jianye Council to implement an organic waste diversion program using Cardia Biohybrid kitchen waste bags. Cardia already supplies Shanghai-Pudong, Nanjing Jianye, Hangzhou West Lake and Yuhang Councils and is looking to expand into other councils and provinces in China.

Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Dr. Frank Glatz said, “We are seeing increasing adoption of organic waste diversion programs in China and are well placed to continue to grow our market position. Our organic waste management products pass stringent testing and validation programs, delivering results at competetive prices. Both of our sustainable bioplastics offerings, Cardia compostable or Biohybrid are in demand by Councils, manufacturers and brand owners.”

Jacky Chen, General Manager of Cardia’s China Operations, added, “We will continue to develop and maintain strong government relationships to work with China City Councils towards managing household waste sustainably and reducing its environmental footprint.”

Cardia has a certified compostable offering for its organic waste management business, where trials are underway in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Brazil and the UK.


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