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Thai company produces high quality paper pulp from palm oil waste

Thai company produces high quality paper pulp from palm oil waste, Thai Gorilla Pulp Ltd (TGP), Pulp Green Tech Holding (PGT), Asia packaging, Thailand
Thai Gorilla Pulp Ltd (TGP) has successfully achieved a high-grade quality paper pulp, made of 100% palm oil waste material - the empty fruit bunch (EFB), and has plans to export this technology to Malaysia and Indonesia in the near future.

According to TGP’s owner, Liechtenstein R&D company Pulp Green Tech Holding (PGT), this technology is highly cost efficient and it enables investors, palm oil producers, and paper pulp mills to achieve ROI of over 100% in the first year of operation, assuming the pulp is sold at a price of comparable non-wood materials.

Through TGP, PGT currently sells the palm pulp (or the end product made of palm pulp) to Europe, Malaysia, and locally in Thailand.

TGP CEO Ryosuke Tanaka said, "We are very excited to announce the news, as our technology has proven to work in many paper products, and it opens the door for all kinds of investors to tap on the additional source of revenue, which are highly profitable and green.

“We believe it can ultimately change the landscape of the pricing structure of the recycled pulp, as our technology outperforms the other materials available in the market on cost."

PGT is aiming to expand its technology to Malaysia and Indonesia in the coming 12 months, and is also preparing to form a partnership with paper mills/palm oil producers in the region.

Currently over 95% of raw material EFB are disposed, and its estimated disposal weigh over 300 million tons a year.


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