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Thai Airways orders packaging boxes made from palm oil waste

Thai Airways orders packaging boxes made from palm oil waste, Thai Gorilla Pulp Ltd (TGP), Pulp GreenTech Holding AG, Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd, Asia packaging
Non-tree pulp manufacturer Thai Gorilla Pulp Ltd (TGP) has received an order of several million in-flight boxes by the Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd.

TGP, which is a subsidiary of Pulp GreenTech Holding AG in Liechtenstein, says the packaging ordered by the Thai airline will be delivered with carton boxes made of palm pulp kraft liner.

Ryosuke Tanaka, TGP’s CEO said, “Thailand is one of the best places in Asia for Innovation, like Non Tree Pulp. Last year our company received the Environmental Award by the Governor of Bangkok and now we welcome the Thai Airways as a new customer.”

He noted that the major order is a step forward in getting the market to recognize that sustainability in packaging can be cost efficient: “Being green, environmental and sustainable does not necessarily mean more expensive. We continue to focus on achieving our goal to protect the rainforests and forests of our earth.”

Since 2008, TGP has invented and continuously improved its new non-tree pulp manufacturing technology, which transforms palm oil waste EFB (empty fruit bunch) into paper resources. The company claims that its technology can save more than 50% of the trees cut for the global paper production a year. The entire manufacturing process done in Thailand and the material suppliers are local Thai companies.


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