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Purac seals lactides supply deal for Asian biopolymer market

Purac seals lactides supply deal for Asian biopolymer market, Purac, CSM, packaging, Asia
Purac, a subsidiary of global bakery supplies and food ingredients supplier CSM, has signed a long term supply contract for the delivery of up to 10,000 tons annually of high optical purity lactides to an unnamed customer in Asia.

The Puralact lactides from Netherlands-based Purac will be polymerized into high heat polylactic acid (PLA) homopolymers, a bioplastic made from annually renewable resources.

Commercial production of the partner's production facility is expected to start in the second half of 2014, but material for sampling and testing will be available shortly.

According to Purac, the target market for the partner's PLA is Asia, with a focus on high heat PLA for durable and demanding applications, such as automotive and electronics parts.

Further to the supply agreement, Purac and its partner have signed a joint development agreement where Purac's know-how in the area of high performance PLA will be combined with the partner's market access and application knowledge to further accelerate the commercialization of PLA compounds for injection molding and extrusion purposes.




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