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Majority of Chinese against excessive packaging

Majority of Chinese against excessive packaging, Packaging, Asia, China, sustainability matters
About 97.5% of respondents to a recent poll in China believe that excessive packaging is a serious packaging for consumers.

Conducted by local newspaper China Youth Daily, the survey polled 4,306 respondents, out of which 83.2% consider excessive packaging to be a waste of resources and a cause of environmental problems.

About 48.4% said that they are often forced to buy products that have been excessively packaged as plainly packaged products are uncommon.

However, 14.3% of those polled said they approve of excessive packaging, noting that it is a result of market demand.

Liu Junhai, a law professor at Renmin University, commented on the survey results: “Nowadays, excessively packaged products are not bought for their luxury, but for showing off.

“Expensive products have a pragmatic value, but there is no value for showy consumption.”

Liu suggested that measures such as tax reductions and financial assistance should be implemented alongside legislation, to encourage plain packaging.

In February 2012, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted an amended version of the Law on the Promotion of Clean Production, which places emphasis on efforts to tackle excessive packaging and stipulates that companies package their products in a manner that “properly matches the products’ quality, size and cost and results in less packaging waste.”

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