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Hasbro to cut product-to-package ratios by 15%

Hasbro to cut product-to-package ratios by 15%, Hasbro, Asia Pulp and Paper, APP, Mattel
US –
Toy giant Hasbro Incorporated has announced plans to reduce material usage in product packaging for its popular global brands, including My Little Pony, Nerf and Play-Doh.

As part of its initiative to move towards more sustainable packaging, the company said it will improve average product-to-package ratios by about 15%. The packaging range includes disposable boxes and blister packs.

Packaging that serves the dual purpose of long term storage, such as game boxes, is not included in this Hasbro initiative.

Scheduled to hit store shelves sometime this year, Hasbro said the greener packaging will help streamline its manufacturing processes and reduce its consumption of natural resources.

This is not the company’s first such green initiative. Last year, Hasbro announced plans to do away with PVC from all new core toy and game packaging by 2013. It also eliminated all wire ties in its packages, using used paper rattan or bamboo mix instead. Hasbro also increased the proportion of board packaging and paper sourced out from recycled or sustainable forestry practices to 75% - a percentage it plans to increase to 90% by 2015.

In 2010, Hasbro was one of several toy companies – including Mattel, Lego and Disney – accused by Greenpeace of using packaging material from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), which the environmental group claims has a very poor environmental record.

Since then, the toy companies, along with other brand owners, have been distancing themselves from APP, while developing new corporate sustainability practices.


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