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Nanjing to trial renewable household kitchen waste bags

Nanjing City to trial renewable household kitchen waste bags, Cardia Bioplastics, packaging, Asia, China
The Nanjing city government has awarded Australian bioplastics company Cardia Bioplastics a contract to supply household kitchen waste bags made from renewable materials.

The A$260,000 (US$263,322) sales contract is for a six-month trial to supply 10 million kitchen waste bags made from Cardia’s renewable Biohybrid products to the Nanjing government, which will then deliver them to 60,000 households in a defined radius in the city, where Cardia has its Product Development Centre and manufacturing plant

Should the contract be extended beyond the six-month trial, it could grow to cover a larger radius of householders where the population in Nanjing is currently around 7 million.Nanjing City to trial renewable household kitchen waste bags, Cardia Bioplastics, packaging, Asia, China

Cardia’s renewable Biohybrid Kitchen bag business for the China market is based on Cardia’s proprietary Biohybrid technology using less oil. According to the company, its products also have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics.

“The Cardia range of renewable Biohybrid and certified compostable products meet the Chinese packaging regulations enacted in June 2008. Our Nanjing manufacturing business is one of the few Chinese companies awarded with the prestigious China Environmental Label,” said Jackie Chen, Cardia Director and Head of China Operations.

Noting that the potential to grow sales revenue from this business opportunity is high on Cardia’s marketing agenda in 2012, Chen also revealed that Cardia is working with Governments in other major provinces in China to secure similar sales outcomes to that achieved in Nanjing.

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