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Coca-Cola removes PVC labels from products in China

Coca-Cola removes PVC labels from products China, The Coca-Cola Company, packaging, Asia, China
Coca-Cola China has replaced the polyvinylchloride (PVC) labels used on its products in China with non-PVC ones to help reduce the risks of pollution caused by improper handling in the recycling process.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is said to contain elements that can increase the risk of cancer, while the incineration of PVC waste will also produce cancer-causing dioxin and pollute the atmosphere.

The beverage giant has been working to develop new environment friendly materials to replace the PVC labels since 2007. By 2010-2011, Coca-Cola was completed the establishment of a non-PVC films supply chain in China.

Coca-Cola Greater China vice president for public affairs and communication Bai Changbo said that replacing PVC with non-PVC ones is a specific move for Coca-Cola's realization of its sustainable packaging strategy.

China Beverage Industry Association chairman Zhao Yali welcomed the initiative, noting that Coca-Cola is the first international beverage enterprise that has removed PVC labels from its full product line in China. He also expressed hope that more enterprises will pay attention to packaging innovation and environmental protection, and work together to promote the sustainable development of the entire industry.


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