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Japanese firms to develop waste treatment project in Vietnam

Japanese firms to develop waste treatment project in Vietnam, JFE Engineering Corporation, Nihon Suido Consultants Company, Sumitomo, Tsukishima Kakai
Japan-based JFE Engineering Corporation and Nihon Suido Consultants Company are exploring plans to develop wastewater and garbage treatment plants in Danang, a major port city in the south central coast of Vietnam.

The two companies’ senior management held a working session on 14 November with local municipal authorities to discuss the pre-feasibility study of the project.

Nihon Suido Consultants has first conducted a pre-feasibility study on a project to improve environmental sanitation in Danang city in 2007.

Following that, Nihon Suido Consultants and its partners, including Sumitomo, JFE Engineering and Tsukishima Kakai set up a working group to develop the project under the public-private partnership (PPP).

The project is estimated to cost over US$190 million (¥13.9 billion).

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