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Environmental Legislation

China issues clean PET production Standard requirements

CHINA – In line with the ever increasing pace of environmental reform of China’s packaging material and converting sector, a new ‘Clean production standard Chemical Fiber Industry (PET)’ has been issued which sets out in the reach of national and local environmental protection standards on the basis of in accordance with current industry technology, equipment etc. Register to read more ...

China's New Packaging Recycling report - 3rd Edition now available

SINGAPORE - Since 1st January Chinese government departments have introduced more than 15 new 'required' packaging 'standards' which will impact on the long term development of the country's packaging recycling Master-plan' - according to the new edition of the report, China's Packaging Industry Master-plan published today by Register to read more ...

Beijing to fix plastic bag prices in March

The Beijing municipal government will introduce guidelines for the fees of plastic shopping bags in March 2008. This comes after the Chinese Central Government issued a ban on super thin plastic shopping bags. Register to read more ...
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