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Another major Philippines city bans plastics and styrofoam

Another major Philippines city bans plastics and styrofoam, Packaging, Asia, Philippines, sustainable packaging
The city government of Marikina has implemented a ban on the use of plastics as storage and packaging materials for dry and wet goods being sold in the city.

According to City Mayor Del de Guzman, Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2012, bans the use of plastics and disposable utensils made from styrofoam such as plates, cups and containers usually used for commercial and personal purposes, with the aim of reducing the volume of plastic garbage in sanitary landfills.

Individuals who break the ordinance will be fined Php500 (US$11.50) fine per offense, or eight hours of community service, or must donate a minimum of 200cc of blood.

Businesses who violate the ordinance will face a Php1,000 (US$23) fine for the first offense, Php3,000 (US$70) fine and temporary revocation of license for the second, and if caught for the third time, the establishments will be fined Php5,000 (US$115) and lose their business license.

The former capital of the province of Manila during the declaration of Philippine Independence, Marikina is now one of the 17 cities that make up Metro Manila.


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