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New ISO standards on packaging and environment gain momentum

New ISO standards on packaging and environment gain momentum, ISO, Packaging and the Environment, packaging, Asia
The world standards on packaging and the environment have gained conclusive momentum with the recent acceptance of the Draft International Standard (DIS) texts.

NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre is chairing the working group which addresses the optimization of the packaging system upfront. Other working groups address the different modes of recycling a package may be subject to after the product has been used.

ISO-delegates from all over the world and from all parts of the packaged goods supply chain came together in Atlanta (USA) from May 2nd until May 6th, to bring the draft texts in line with input given by a multitude of stakeholders. They succeeded in creating the robust DIS texts which will be available for a final review in the coming months.

Packaging is an activity that takes place worldwide at least 100.000 times every second and involves a wide range of applications; for instance, consumer food products, industrial products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or consumer electronic products.

The world standards on packaging and environment reflect the consensus which has grown over the past two years of intense discussion on this highly complex but societal relevant subject. Delegates from all continents met in a series of international meetings, respectively in Stockholm (2009), Beijing (2010), Tokyo (2011) and now Atlanta.

The new ISO-standards will be used by all companies involved in the activity of packaging – packaging designers and manufacturers, recyclers, retailers, branded good manufacturers, manufacturers of packaging materials and inks.

The new ISO-standards will address the optimization of packaging to minimise its environmental impact, the responsible use of heavy metals and other hazardous substances, the possible reuse of packages and the different modes of recycling (material, energy or composting).

The new ISO world standards will most likely be available for use by industry, retail and any other interested organization by the end of 2012.


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