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7-Eleven launches campaign to reduce plastic bag usage in Thailand

7-Eleven launches campaign to reduce plastic bag usage in Thailand, CP All, 7-eleven, Asia packaging, Thailand
CP All, the operator of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, recently partnered with authorities in eastern Thailand to reduce plastic bag usage.

For the entire month of November, CP All will run the "Kidtoong Kidtoong: Campaign for Reduced Use of Plastic Bags in Eastern Provinces" through the 7-Eleven network in that region – comprising more than 800 7-Eleven outlets of in five provinces: Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat and Prachin Buri

Earlier this month, CP All also partnered with Pattaya City Municipality to run the "7-Eleven Campaign for Reduced Use of Plastic Bags & Jomtien Beach Big Cleaning Day".

CP All says the two campaigns represent the collaborative effort of local communities, students and tourists as well as volunteer staff from CP All to encourage the public to reduce unnecessary usage of plastic bags and take steps towards sustainable use of natural resources.

"Both activities are launched under the Kidtoong Kidtoong project, which is part of 7-Eleven's environmental preservation initiative also known as 7 Go Green," CP All vice president Narit Thamkueakul said. "These are designed to create greater awareness that everyone can help reduce unnecessary use of plastic bags simply by thinking twice before their use or saying no.

"At all participating 7-Eleven outlets, staff are also encouraged to ask if customers who purchase only one small item want a plastic bag, or put everything in one bag if they purchase several items.”

Narit explained that the Kidtoong Kidtoong project is being held for the third consecutive year: “For this year's edition in Pattaya, we have made a stronger effort and are determined to see more tangible results from our campaign within the Eastern region, which initially includes five coastal, tourist-destination provinces, before expanding into other regions countrywide."

Campaign materials such as stickers urging "say no to a plastic bag when purchasing one small item" will be placed at 7-Eleven cashier counters, as well as no-plastic-bag messages on point-of-sale displays and related posters inside and outside the participating 7-Eleven outlets. English and Chinese language campaign material have also been printed to raise awareness amongst foreign tourists.

In addition, staff at 12 Bang Saen and Jomtien beachfront 7-Eleven outlets are wearing the campaign's no-plastic-bag T-shirt to reinforce the campaign message, and inviting customers and tourists to join shop-front games intended educate and reduce the use of plastic bags.

Narit said, "7-Eleven continues to stay focused on campaigning for public awareness of responsible use of plastic bags. By starting from a simple perception of saying no to a plastic bag when purchasing only one small item, or putting several items in a single bag, we believe this can contribute to massive reduction of plastic waste per year.

"If we do it decisively and continuously, the environment will be improved and our country will become more attractive and beautiful.”


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