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Indian PET bottle giant to open plastic recycling research centre

Indian PET bottle giant to open plastic recycling research centre, Manjushree Technopack Ltd, Asia packaging, India, plastic packaging
Manjushree Technopack Ltd, one of India’s largest PET bottle manufacturers, is setting up a Plastics Recycling Innovation Centre (PRIC) at the company’s PET preform unit in Bidadi, located 32km from Bangalore.

Slated to be operational by March 2015, PRIC will pave the way for new exploration and research in the reuse of PET plastic waste.  It will look at new ways of reusing plastics and creating every day, low-cost utility items. A number of major FMCG players and other users of plastic packaging material will partner with Manjushree in the development of these products.

Apart from the R&D centre, PRIC will also house an auditorium, a museum, a library and a demo centre which will be accessible to public; Manjushree says it intends to exhibit products made with recycled plastics, including boats in an artificial lake.

Given the expected doubling of per capita consumption of plastics in India, and an increasing number of industries opting for plastics as the most preferred packaging material, it is imperative to step up the momentum on plastic recycling and reuse, explained the company.

Vimal Kedia, Managing Director, Manjushree Technopack said, “On average, about 60% of total plastic waste collected per day in India is recycled. However, 6,137 tonnes remains uncollected and littered.

“Through various initiatives and activities organised at the Centre, we will not only be encouraging people to reuse and recycle PET plastic waste, but also educate them on how plastic, if developed and used wisely, doesn’t pose a threat to the environment. 

“Hence, even as we all work towards developing packaging methods that make plastic more eco-friendly, we would be doing a lot more by minimizing the effect upon the environment,” he concluded.


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