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Vietnam to cut plastic bag use by 65% by 2020

Vietnam to cut plastic bag use by 65% by 2020, Packaging, Asia, Vietnam, plastic bags
Under a directive from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Vietnam intends to implement a strategy aimed at decreasing the number of plastic bags consumed in the country by 65% by 2020 over the previous decade.

As part of an overall goal to control pollution caused by non-biodegradable plastic bags, Vietnam is targeting a 20% decrease in the number of plastic bags consumed in traditional retail markets, as well as a 40% decrease in supermarkets and commercial centres by 2015.

To help achieve this goal, the Prime Minister has tasked the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) to create and implement legislation that will ban the production of plastic bags thinner than 30 micrometres.

Such a piece of legislation will help facilitate the collection and recycling of plastic bags, says MoNRE, which has also been set the goal of collecting and recycling at least 25% of waste plastic bags.

Relevant ministries, government departments, municipals and provincial authorities have been told to develop ways to classify waste for collection. To stimulate demand, they are also encouraged to use recycled products manufactured from plastic bags, particularly for the construction of public facilities.

To raise public awareness, campaigns will be intensified to educate businesses and consumers on the harmful environmental impacts of plastic bags, and encourage them to switch to using bags “made from environmentally friendly materials”.

Nhan Dan, the Vietnamese government’s official XXXXXXXX, said, “It is necessary to tighten controls on the use of plastic bags, promote the production and use of eco-friendly bags as replacements, and develop and promulgate technical standards and regulations for eco-friendly packaging, in addition to encouraging collecting and recycling plastic waste.”

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