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Malaysian converter to double bio-based plastic packaging production

Malaysian converter to double bio-based plastic packaging production, Texchem Resources Bhd, TRB, packaging, Asia
Texchem Resources Bhd (TRB) aims to produce 3,000mt of bio-based plastic packaging material this year to Southeast Asian countries and Japan.

According to TRB executive chairman Tan Sri Fumihiko Konishi, the group’s polymer engineering business has spent about seven years on research and development to develop its product, which is made of 60% agricultural waste and is suitable for the consumer goods and semiconductor industries.

“Last year's output was less than 1,000MT, as we started production only in the second half of 2012,” explained Konishi. “Next year, the plan is to increase the output to 6,000MT per annum.

“The product is presently sold to multinational corporations in Malaysia. We are now targeting to sell to the ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) and Japan markets,“ he added.

Its current customers are mainly involved in the plastic moulding sector.

A conglomerate involved in polymer engineering, industrial, food, restaurant and ventures, TRB has operations spanning Southeast Asia and China. Its polymer engineering division has a presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan, and 10 production facilities across the region.

TRB manufactures a variety of plastic packaging products ranging from thermoformed trays, injection moulded parts, wafer shipper, embossed carrier tapes, extruded sheets and profiles to expanded polystyrene products for a wide range of packaging products




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