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Tianjin GreenBio signs PHA supply and distribution deals with US company

Tianjin GreenBio signs PHA supply and distribution deals with US company, Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co Ltd, Metabolix Inc, packaging, Asia
Chinese biomaterials company Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co Ltd has confirmed an agreement supplying PHA biopolymers to US’s Metabolix Inc.

In addition, Tianjin GreenBio is expanding its sales markets by appointing Metabolix as exclusive distributor in the Americas, as well as one of its distributors in Europe.

With a PHA production base in Binhai District, Tianjin, China, Tianjin GreenBio is dedicated to the development, production and sale of fully biodegradable biobased polymer materials from PHA.

Tianjin GreenBio recently developed a heat shrink film based on PHA biopolymers, and offers two grades for packaging shipping and storage. One SoGreen product is designed to replace non-compostable PVC film often used to package boxed goods software and other non-edible products, while the other is designed to replace softer polyethylene films also not compostable and often used for wrapping multiple items often bulky and irregular in shape such as packs of bottled water.

The SoGreen heat shrink film resins (2001 and 3001) are certified by DIN CERTCO to meet the EN 13432 standard for compostable plastics.

“Tianjin GreenBio has developed a heat shrink film based on PHA biopolymers. This product complements our product slate aimed at film and bag applications and we expect will be of interest to customers in the U.S. and Europe seeking biobased materials and biodegradable performance” said Bob Engle vice president business and commercial development biopolymers at Metabolix.

“With products and technology that are complementary, the distribution and PHA supply agreements mark a first step toward potentially working with Tianjin to develop additional PHA biopolymer products.”

“We are excited to work with Metabolix to gain greater exposure for our products in the Americas and Europe,” said Dr. Lu Weichuan chairman and president of Tianjin GreenBio. “Metabolix has extensive experience in biopolymers and we look forward to working together to build the market for PHA-based biopolymer products.”



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