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PCH to establish sustainable packaging design centre in China

PCH to establish sustainable packaging design centre in China, PCH International, packaging, Asia, China
Supply chain management company PCH International plans to set up a new sustainable packaging design centre in Shenzhen, China, in early 2013.

Founded in 1996 by the Irish entrepreneur Liam Casey, PCH designs, manufactures and distributes hardware and has its corporate headquarters in Cork. In 2000 it set up its operational headquarters in Shenzhen. PCH focuses on global supply chain services to industries ranging from consumer tech, medical devices, telecoms and other emerging technology industries.

The company said the new Shenzhen packaging design centre – which will feature a material library and a structural design engineering and quality test lab - will help it develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Liam Casey, PCH’s founder, said the company will now design packaging solutions that are 100pc sustainable with a minimal carbon footprint and a full life-cycle assessment.

He added that PCH will examine the entire packaging life cycle – from material sourcing, to packaging design, manufacturing, transport, and final disposal – to make it more environmentally friendly.

This announcements comes after PCH announced in June that it will be setting up a new energy-efficient facility in Shenzhen's Futian Free Trade Zone to employ an extra 1,500 people - more than doubling its global headcount.



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