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Greenpeace accuses KFC of using rainforest wood for packaging

Greenpeace accuses KFC of using rainforest wood for packaging, Greenpeace International, Yum! Brands, KFC, Asia Pulp & Paper
Greenpeace is once again on attack against Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), this time accusing its customer, Yum! Brands, of using rainforest wood for KFC’s signature crispy chicken buckets.

According to a recent report by Greenpeace titled ‘How KFC is Junking the Jungle’, the environmental group said it has found evidence that Yum uses rainforest wood to produce its fast food chain’s packaging.

APP, Indonesia’s Sinar Mas Group’s pulp and paper unit, supplies Yum! With product packaging. Greenpeace has on many occasions accused Sinar Mas of illegal logging and land clearing in Indonesia’s rainforests.

Shane Moffat, Greenpeace Canada’s forest campaigner said, “The colonel’s secret is out. They’re (KFC) keeping their chicken fresh with packaging from rainforests. The last rainforests of the world are ending up as trash on our streets. It’s a needless tragedy.”Greenpeace accuses KFC of using rainforest wood for packaging, Greenpeace International, Yum! Brands, KFC, Asia Pulp & Paper

According to Greenpeace, more than 2 million hectares of Indonesia’s rainforests have been lost every year due to irresponsible logging and clearing by Sinar Mas since 1996, causing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions to soar.

Moffat said that Greenpeace tested KFC’s boxes in Indonesia, UK and China over a two-year period and found rainforest fibres in cups, food boxes and chicken buckets.

Yum! Has denied the accusation, saying that 60% of the paper products it purchases are sourced from sustainable forest.

Since Greenpeace started attacking APP’s customers, more than 60 companies around the globe have either ended their contract with APP or have sold their shares. Moffat said he is hoping that Yum! will eventually follow suit.

APP has hit back at Greenpeace, calling their report a “distortion of facts”.

In a statement, APP said, “We are asking that Greenpeace stops portraying Indonesia and its leading companies as the villains in the fight against climate change at a time when our government and the rest of Indonesian society are making huge efforts to preserve our rainforests.”





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