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China’s paper industry agrees to advance sustainable development

China’s paper industry agrees to advance sustainable development, China Paper Association, Asia Pulp and Paper, APP, packaging
A total of 77 companies have signed an agreement that calls for sustainable development in China’s paper industry.



Drawn up by the China Paper Association, the agreement aims to push the domestic paper industry’s sustainable development forward through the use of power saving and emission-reducing targets as stipulated by the Chinese government’s 12th Five Year Plan.

The industry initiative aims to lower energy and water consumption by 18% by 2015, while chemical oxygen demand (COD) emission should decrease by 10%. Meanwhile, the use of bio-energy should increase by 20% in overall energy usage.

All signatories will also endeavour to promote sustainable practices, and “vigorously promote circular economy development in the industry, with minimal consumption of resources to achieve maximum economic output and minimum waste emissions.”

“We will work together to build advanced, cleaner production and recycling conservation, as well as coordinate develop and continue growth to achieve social, environmental and efficiency unity,” declared the paper association.

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), one of the signatories to the agreement, has called for the development of platforms for resources, knowledge and experience sharing that will employ a broad cross-section of companies, industries and country to show a positive impact on the community.

APP-China PR Director Sophy Huang said, “Through scientific, systematic and integrated responsible approaches, in addition to building up a green paper industry in the nation, the Chinese paper industry will also be able to undertake more environmental, social and economic responsibilities in the global sphere.”



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