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Hasbro to eliminate PVC packaging

Hasbro to eliminate PVC packaging, Hasbro, Greenpeace, Mattel, packaging
US –
Hasbro plans to eliminate PVC – which is widely used in blister packaging and thermoformed clamshell - from core product packaging from 2013. The global toy giant has already begun to phase out PVC from some packaging.

The US-based company is waving the green flag at consumers to entice them to buy their toys products, particularly during this Christmas festive shopping season.

“At a time when consumers have an abundance of choices, we hope our track record of innovation and corporate citizenship – including our focus on sustainable packaging and product safety – will give shoppers one more reason to choose our products during the holiday season and throughout the year,” said Hasbro President and CEO Brian Goldner in a news release.

It is unclear whether Hasbro will also eliminate PVC from its toys and games products though.

Besides getting rid of PVC from its packaging, Hasbro’s sustainability goals include the increased use of recycled paper content, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, recycling more non-hazardous waste, curbing water consumption and replacing wire ties with paper ratten or bamboo.

This new move follows Hasbro’s announcement in November of a new paper procurement policy that will ensure that controversial resources are not being used in any of its packaging.

It comes incidentally after a number of companies, including major competitor Mattel, cut ties with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) after Greenpeace activists lashed out at the Indonesian paper giant for allegedly sourcing its paper products from the Indonesian rainforest and causing widespread deforestation and destruction of the tiger habitat.


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