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Packaging waste in Taiwan reduces by 11,000 tons

Packaging waste in Taiwan reduces by 11, 000 tons, Packaging, Asia, Taiwan
Product packaging waste in Taiwan dropped by 11,000 tons in 2010 as a result of a packaging reduction agreement signed by five flat-panel and computer manufacturers, said Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Ministry Stephen ShuHung Shen.

Last year, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, AU Optronics, Chimei Innolux Corp, BenQ, and ASUSTek Computer Inc reduced their total packaging materials by 3,700 tons, far exceeding the target of 870 tons, Shen said during an event held to publicize the government's efforts to promote eco-friendly packaging.

ASUSTek, for example, decreased the weight of boxes used to package computers from 890g to 630g per unit and used eco-friendly materials such as soy-based inks for packaging – its sustainability efforts helped the company lower its packaging costs by 40%.

This year, EPA plans to expand the packaging waste reduction program to the houseware and packaging design sectors; 11 manufacturers – with a total of 15 products – have so far agreed to sign on to the campaign.

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