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EU issues Directive to reduce plastic shopping bag use

EU issues Directive to reduce plastic shopping bag use, European Union, European Commission, Asia packaging, plastic packaging
The EU Parliament has voted to implement new legislation that will require EU countries to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags.

Directive (EU) 2015/720 states: “Plastic carrier bags with a wall thickness below 50 microns (‘lightweight plastic carrier bags’), which represent the vast majority of the total number of plastic carrier bags consumed in the Union, are less frequently reused than thicker plastic carrier bags. Consequently, lightweight plastic carrier bags become waste more quickly and are more prone to littering due to their light weight.”

The Directive explains that: “According to the waste hierarchy, prevention comes first. Plastic carrier bags serve several purposes and their consumption will continue in the future, To ensure that the needed plastic carrier bags will not end up as waste in the environment, adequate measures should be in place and consumers should be informed about proper waste treatment.”

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