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European Commission withdraws Circular Economy Package

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The European Commission (EC) has withdrawn the Circular Package from its 2015 Work Programme, and says the legislation will be amended and resubmitted later this year.

The EC explained that it has formally withdrawn the Circular Economy Package to “replace by new, more ambitious proposal by end 2015 to promote circular economy”.

Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said, “We want to look beyond the narrow focus on waste and to ‘close the loop’ of the circular economy, for example by addressing recycling in product design and creating a market for secondary raw material.

“We will present this new, more ambitious proposal to promote the circular economy by the end of 2015. In parallel we will promote investment in this sector through the new European Fund for Strategic Investment as well as the European Structural and Investment Funds.”

This decision has reportedly come under harsh criticism from the European Parliament, EU environment ministers, environment-related industry associations and businesses which allege the College of Commissioners is being too pro-business and bowing to pressure from trade association BusinessEurope – which had argued the package would inhibit competitiveness.

Look out for our comprehensive report on the withdrawal of the Circular Package next week, including insights from key players in Europe.
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