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Philippines’ Albay Province bans plastic bags and styrofoam

Philippines’ Albay Province bans plastic bags and styrofoam, Packaging, Asia, Philippines, plastic bags ban
The Albay province has officially set a ban on the use of plastic bags, Styrofoan and other synthetic materials after the implementation of Provincial Ordinance No. 2011-3.

The launch of the Ordinance was held at the LCC Mall Activity Center and led by Provincial Governor, Joey Sarte Salceda and Vice Governor Harold Imperial together with the members of Provincial board.

The ordinance will take effect this coming June after the provincial government lifts the one year moratorium provided to commercial establishments in all 15 towns and three cities of the province.

Under the P.O. No. 2011-13, all grocery owners, department stores, supermarkets, chain retailers and mini stores can no longer use plastic, styrofoan and synthetic materials as packaging or bags.

Those found violating the ordinance will be meted P1,000 – P5,000 and have their business permits cancelled.

The provincial government together with other enforcement agencies have already met with the owners of the affected commercial establishments to discuss the salient features of the said ordinance.

Plastic bags usually finds its way into waterways, rivers, canals, beaches, streets and parks as a litter, and when burned these emit toxic fumes into the air. Plastic materials are non-biodegradable and will take about 400 years before they start to decompose.

The ordinance aims to decrease the volume of plastic pollutants and strengthen its environmental protection measures in the interest of public health and safety.

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