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Another Philippines province bans plastic bags and styrofoam

Another Philippines province bans plastic bags and Styrofoam, Packaging, Asia, Philippines, Bulacan
The Filipino province of Bulacan recently passed a resolution banning the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags, styrofoam and other similar products which are used as packaging materials.

To be implemented with immediate effect once the rules and regulations are issued, the ban covers the entire Bulacan province’s 21 towns and three cities.

According to the ordinance released by Bulacan Governor Wilhemino Sy-Alvarado, persons or companies that violate this resolution will be fined PHP 5,000 (about US$117) and face a 1-year imprisonment.

The governor added that the resolution will be strictly enforced even in the 569 baranggays (village) found in the province of Bulacan.

Two SM malls in Bulacan have already started implementing the “no plastic” policy and have prohibited the use of plastic bags on their premises.

Bulacan is one of the most progressive provinces in Philippines, and is located in the Central Luzon Region (Region 3) in the island of Luzon, north of the capital city of Manila.

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