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Ecologically sustainable dieboard

marbachgreenplateaGERMANY – The Marbach Group has developed a new dieboard that meets both quality and ecological sustainability requirements of the market.


Launched about a year ago, the Marbach greenplate is the first ecologically sustainable dieboard on the market, claims its German maker, and has already been warmly accepted by customers searching for sustainable production solutions.

“Ecological sustainability is a very important matter to many of our customers at the moment,” says Marbach Marketing Manager Tina Dost. “Not till the introduction of the Marbach greenplate a non-stop ecological packaging production – even in the diecutting sector – has been possible.”

According to Marbach, not only is the dieboard ecologically sustainable, the compulsory edge protectors of the board – usually of conventional plastic – are made of biodegradable natural material.marbachgreenplateb

Dost explains, “Long-term application has shown that, besides ecological sustainability, the greenplate also provides numerous technical benefits for our customers. This means, we developed something special: an ecologically sustainable material that brings production benefits to our customers. What else could you ask for?”

Marbach says its customers are impressed by the advantages of the greenplate. Heiko Eichhorn, Packaging Development Manager at Lewell Kartonagen, agrees, “The greenplate’s ideal technical characteristics provide us with excellent cutting results. And the best thing is that the consistent fitting of the rules gives us reduced make-ready times in our production.”

Laura Grondey from the Management of Siemer Kartonagen is a convinced user as well: “We discovered that the greenplate has excellent flatness. Not only do we benefit from reduced patching times and a consequently higher productivity but we also enjoy a very smooth sheet transportation. Also, because of our special clientele, ecological sustainability is still a relevant factor.”

Harald Hartmann, Team Manager Diecutting at Mensing Druck & Verpackung, can also attest to the greenplate’s high stability to dimensions: “The distortion of the new innovations for your success board is considerably lower than with multiplex. Consequently, we save make-ready time and benefit from even more precise cutting results which means not only an increase in efficiency but also in quality. And, due to the excellent flatness of the board an Braille embossing can be handled easily.”

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