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New bottled water packaging design achieves 30% sales increase

New bottled water packaging design achieves 30% sales increase, Sidel, Farmacias Guadalajara, Asia packaging, Mexico
Local pharmacy store chain Farmacias Guadalajara has seen a 30% increase in sales of bottled water with its new PET plastic bottle design, which also reduced the amount of PET in the bottle by 30%, bringing significant cost savings as well as the environmental benefits associated with less raw material usage.

Mexicans are now the biggest users of bottled water in the world, currently drinking an average per capita consumption of around 199.3 litres per year.  In fact, bottled water is the fastest growing category in the whole Latin American market.  In the years between 2013 and 2017, it is expected to undergo a further surge of 5% growth. Throughout the Mexican market, PET bottles dominate its packaging and presentation.

To take advantage of the booming market in bottled water, Farmacias Guadalajara started actively pursuing the potential in the Mexican beverage industry. The Mexican pharmacy store chain had previously used third-party suppliers to provide the water for sale in its pharmaceutical stores, but recently decided that it needed to take full advantage of the continually increasing domestic market. Hence, it took the decision to start its own production in both still and carbonated water by establishing the Innomex bottling plant close to the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

New bottled water packaging design achieves 30% sales increase, Sidel, Farmacias Guadalajara, Asia packaging, MexicoTo give its new bottled water brand - ‘Blue Bay’ - its own distinctive identity, Innomex wanted to create a whole new design of bottle shape.  The company turned to the Sidel packaging team, part of the company’s Sidel Services department, for assistance in the task.

The result of this close collaboration was a strong and modern shape that could identify the new brand, yet - by significantly reducing the amount of raw material and resources used - could also give Innomex a competitive edge by reducing costs of the finished bottle. 

The designed shape used 12 grams less raw material than the original bottle by the third-party supplier, which amounted to a saving of 30% PET in total.
In addition to saving resources, the new shape has proved highly popular with the end-user.  Sales have increased by 30% due to the product’s improved identity and better brand positioning.

Corporate Director, Rodrigo Arroyo, in acknowledging the part played by Sidel, says, “We knew we needed the right technology to be able to move confidently into bottled water production.  We had a team of talented people, including the team from Sidel, who could ensure this project met our goals and ultimately would make our plant more productive.”

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